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Why You Shouldn’t Walk Around Barefoot, Even at Home

Kicking off your shoes the second you get home is just what you need to relax after a busy day. But letting your tired feet relax doesn’t equate to going completely barefoot at home. In fact, walking around with no house shoes can have some unpleasant consequences for the health and beauty of your feet. We at Bright Side also feel too lazy to change into our… Read More »

My Sister Is Jealous of Me Because She Thinks I’m Our Parents’ “Favorite Child”

Hi everyone! How have you been, guys? Last night I spent a couple of hours thinking about jealousy after I read one of your messages. And I realized that this feeling is quite complicated. It turns out, we can feel jealous not only in a romantic relationship (yep, it’s that irritating feeling that rises inside your chest when you see YOUR CRUSH cheerfully talking to another girl at school.… Read More »

20+ Pics That Show What Happens to Things When We Forget About Them

Trees can start growing from houses, a sack of potatoes can start looking like a mystical creature, and papers can turn from green to red all because we forgot about them. But nature has even more secrets hidden up its sleeve. Just when you thought you couldn’t be more surprised, take a look at what pickles look like when they are left in the sun.… Read More »

10 Times Celebrities Put a Secret Meaning Into the Clothes and Accessories They Wear

Celebrities get ready for important events for weeks or even months. They think up their looks to the tiniest details, often putting a special meaning into their clothes and accessories. Meanwhile, fans and fashion experts keep guessing what message their famous idols wanted to convey with the help of this or that detail. We at Bright Side felt curious and decided to unravel the messages that… Read More »

8 Signs of Lying That Can Help You to Avoid Deception

Approximately 60% of adults can’t have a 10-minute conversation without lying at least once. At the same time, no one wants to be cheated. For this case, scientists studied some things to find out how you can detect a liar. We at Bright Side did some research and found some tactics for how you can recognize that someone is lying to you. 1. They use too many gestures with their hands.… Read More »