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20 People Whose Sense of Humor Can Make Your Day

Scientists say that people with a good sense of humor are smarter. Moreover, they also score lower at mood disturbance and aggressiveness. But funny people aren’t the only ones who benefit from this — those who laugh at their jokes do too. According to science, humor may help people cope with stress and improve their psychological well-being. We at Bright Side do care about the well-being of our… Read More »

20 People Who Found Treasures in Unlikely Places

There’s the saying that goes “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Well, that is very true for these individuals on our list who have managed to find some incredible items that had been thrown out. They’ve given them a new home and a new lease on life. Bright Side is excited to share with you the “treasures” these people have found. 1. “I found this… Read More »

Difference between credit and debit card

The main difference between a debit card and a credit card is the method of payment. On a debit card, the payment is charged directly to the holder’s checking account. Thus, they only allow collection up to the limit of the funds in the account. With the credit card it is possible to pay even… Read More »

Top 10 Home Insurance Companies

We want to talk to you about the 10 best companies for home insurance. We do it from our home insurance comparator service and always with the intention of offering you the best service. To make this classification we have taken into account several criteria that we will also reveal along these lines. It should… Read More »

The 8 advantages you did not know about studying in the United States.

1- Quality and prestige Higher education in the United States is characterized by being prestigious and famous throughout the world, since the United States is currently positioned as number one in teaching and academic preparation, studying in the United States   offers a wide range that covers many academic fields, technology, medicine, marketing. Millions of students… Read More »