20 People Whose Sense of Humor Can Make Your Day

By | January 5, 2022

Scientists say that people with a good sense of humor are smarter. Moreover, they also score lower at mood disturbance and aggressiveness. But funny people aren’t the only ones who benefit from this — those who laugh at their jokes do too. According to science, humor may help people cope with stress and improve their psychological well-being.

We at Bright Side do care about the well-being of our readers, which is why we collected a number of photos made by funny people that are all aimed to improve your mood.

1. “Saw the evil queen when my daughter was napping. Couldn’t resist.”

2. “A creative way to find a date”

3. The highest level of self-irony

4. “The guy who made this is the smartest.”

5. “A neighbor kept their Halloween decor up and turned it into a heartwarming holiday scene.”

6. “This wrapping paper I bought after going shopping without my glasses — I thought it said Merry Christmas!”

7. “My parents are clearly the winners of the Christmas decorations award.”

8. “Found a body in the canal the other day…”

9. “Just 34 years old!”

10. “This is how my colleagues at an OBGYN office have decorated the Christmas tree.”

11. “I left it at the office overnight and found it like this the next morning.”

12. “I was asked to make a sign for the men’s bathroom and this is what I came up with.”

13. “If Santa wore leggings”

14. “Wall art in a local Indian restaurant”

15. “My favorite traditional Christmas decoration at my house”

16. “It’s my birthday today, and we only had ‘thank you’ cards in the house. My fiancé made this…”

17. “This is quite the grumpy pole at my university.”

18. “I decorated my office for the holidays today.”

19. “I think my neighbor is a troll.”

20. “My neighbor bought a tiny frame with a stock photo of a doggo. Before she could put a pic in it, her cat demanded an explanation.”

Do you think that having a good sense of humor is important for our lives?

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Preview photo credit arjunz/Reddit

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